How to get your prospect to say "I never thought of that"

As a strong advocate of "The Challenger Sale" by the Corporate Executive Board, I've always focused on crafting impactful sales messaging. The book's TEACH, TAILOR, and TAKE CONTROL approach has been instrumental in my sales strategy.

However, the "Teaching" part has presented challenges. That's why I would like to share the story of how Bright Software, Inc., a disruptive training software firm uses the TEACHING part of the sales methodology to sell their training solution. You see, they use simulations and AI to transform training in service industry jobs.

Bright's TEACH pitch revolves around an unconventional idea: increasing attrition within the first two days of training. At first, it seemed counterintuitive. But their immersive experience helps students quickly decide if the program is right for them, reducing costs and weeding out dropouts early.

To be clear, Bright's solution not only cuts costs but also improves training and agent retention while reducing overall training time. But what I liked most was their creative use of the TEACH part of the sales methodology, causing buyers to say “hmmm", I never thought of that. A classic CHALLENGER message.

I highly recommend exploring Bright's disruptive capabilities. If you're interested, please reach out to me.
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